Why strive for Trilingual Education?

Students, in general, as practical realists demand clearly from their parents or their teachers, why they should bother about any civilization that has been dead for 25 hundred years. Studies have shown that raising a multi-lingual child can have serious advantages, including a competitive professional edge for the child later in life, as well as cognitive gains like better reading and writing skills. A study published in February 2007 by the Rotman Research Institute at the Baycrest Research Center for aging and the brain in Canada found bilingualism and multi-lingualism may help delay dementia symptoms by four years compared to people who are monolingual. Some 25 hundred years ago, the Greeks began to articulate the principles that today underline Western (and, increasingly, Eastern) civilization: Freedom of speech, equal rights, individualism, consensual government, and the rational pursuit of knowledge. While our focus in the Socrates Educational Foundation is on multi-lingual education, our “raison d’etre” is the enhancement of the Greek language, Greek culture and Greek thought. We want to enhance the knowledge base of youngsters that are enrolled in trilingual programs, because we want them to care about the innovative brilliance of these ancient ancestors. Requests for funding from the Socrates Educational Foundation is accepted from the following categories:

  • Financial assistance for a student’s tuition
  • Awarding of scholastic prizes
  • Requests for capital assets
  • Student activity projects

Awarding of funds is made to Institutions/Organizations and not to individuals. All requests must be accompanied with an outline or description of the project/request on the respective organization’s letterhead. Requests emanating from schools must be endorsed by the Principal of the school. Thanks to a number of private donors as well as a range of activities organized by the foundation we have been able to assist the various campuses of  the school École Socrates-Démosthène. The foundation currently has a fifteen member board of directors and a number of volunteers that help with fundraising activities on a regular basis. With generous donations,  In-Lieu-of-Flowers donations, and/or by third party event fundraising, as well as our fundraising efforts, we hope to continue supporting trilingual education, so we can offer the best education possible to any child that wishes to attend these quality institutions.

PLEASE NOTE  that the SEF does not belong to the HCGM nor does it receive any funding from the HCGM fundraising events. The SEF operates exclusively by volunteers who donate of their time & money to assist the Socrates-Démosthène families who need it the most.


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