Brief History Of The Socrates Foundation

The initiative to create an Educational Foundation was the brain child of a group of Socrates Schools parents and their Principal Mrs. Eleni Papadopoulos (deceased), who filed an application with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for the purpose of creating a non-profit charitable organization.

In filing their application, their objective was to strive to raise funds for the purpose of providing financial support for the advancement and/or enrichment of trilingual (French, Greek & English) education in Canada.

The path of navigating a request through Charities Canada proved to be a long and difficult undertaking. The person that aided the committee through this difficult period was Mr. Constantine Anastasopoulos. With financial contributions made by parents committees of four of Socrates schools and donations from different individuals, the final obstacles were overcome and after four long years the “Socrates Educational Foundation” (SEF) obtained its charitable operations number, effective August 1, 2003.

The SEF now entered a new phase. It had a name and a federal charter. It had no formal mission statement, no stationery, no logo, no formal applications to respond to funding requests and it did not have any money, either.

Thanks to an effective Board of Directors, these challenges were overcome. Through generous donations made by individuals of the greater Montreal community the foundation was able to construct a Logo and print all the necessary stationery ranging from letterheads, envelopes, thank you cards, formal tax receipts and business cards. Concurrently, the Board developed a formal mission statement, established procedures as to how funding will be disbursed when requests are made, it found a Charter Accountants firm to audit its books and secured the service of a legal counsel.

The official inauguration of the Socrates Educational Foundation, took place on October 27, 2006. Through generous donations from new individuals and organizations the mission of the foundation is bearing fruit. By supporting requests for scholarships, uniforms, field trips or assistance to students of low income families, we at the Socrates Educational Foundation believe that we are on the right track to support our overall objective of advancing trilingual education.

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